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About Us

The "82 Crew” Aspen 82 and 82 Productions are made up of the best videographers, editors and producers in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our team handles productions from a single camera interview to an eight camera music concert. The people on the 82 Crew are creative, hard working and, most importantly, a pleasure to work with.


Erin Lentz

Erin came to Aspen 18 years ago for a ski season and never left. She accidentally hung up on Ray Charles during her first major interview. The owner of TAG Media, she edits and writes. She has on-mountain “board meetings.” She was the former editor in chief of Aspen Peak and currently runs CURATED magazine. She brings clowns to the 82 set to scare Oliver Sharpe.

Oliver Sharpe

Oliver is proof positive that you don’t have to be a morning person to be a morning show personality. He has been waking up early to talk to cameras in Aspen for nearly 10 years. He loves pancakes, hates clowns and thinks you are probably okay. Follow along @wheresoliver.

Kaylin Richardson

Ten-year U.S. Ski Team veteran, Kaylin Richardson, is also a 2-time Olympian and a four-time National Alpine Champion.  Kaylin has appeared in Warren Miller’s Flow State, Ticket To Ride, and this year’s , No Turning Back.  Kaylin has expanded her expertise as a writer, speaker, and television personality on VH1, NBC Sports and acting Olympic Correspondent for The Weather Channel.

Nicole Birkhold

Born and raised in Michigan, Nicole saw the mountains of “out west” as an inevitable move once four years of college was out of the way. She spent two years coaching and teaching in Winter Park before heading to the front range to work for Freeskier Magazine where she has spent the past nine years writing, editing, selling ads, planning events and herding cats.

Clay Dahlman

Clay Dahlman is a longtime local TV Host and progressive ski bum..  He likes ripping descents down both sides of Highlands, Cap’n Crunch, Paonia Peaches, and Old Snowmass honey melted into hot chamomile tea!   As always, he is looking forward to sharing the amazing sunrises from the top of Ajax with you, when you tune in daily to watch “The Lift.”

Diana Lane

Diana has 18 years live TV experience, brief stint as a travel correspondent and CNN reporter. Love yoga and crossfit, love even more…Chris (hot hubby) and my two mini-me’s, Ava (age 10) and Zealand (age 8).

Brandon Blocker

Brandon is another one of those native Texans who decided to call Colorado home. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Environmental Science he embarked upon a career as a television sports broadcaster covering every major sporting event from the World Series to NCAA championships. Throughout all of this, Aspen continued to call him . . . and eventually, Brandon listened and now you can too Monday through Friday on KSPN from 6am-10am.



Angela Yosten

After three years producing Aspen’s live morning show, they finally let Angela Yosten loose in front of the camera.  A self-proclaimed expert in most things, you can catch her gear segments on The Lift, or watch her live from Snowmass on Saturday mornings.


Steffe Gatton

Steffe moved from West Des Moines, IA to Aspen in 2015 after working in reality television throughout the mid-west for 2 years. After interning for a winter, she just couldn’t leave this beautiful valley. When she’s not producing Aspen’s reality show, “Talking Dirt”, you can find Steffe hiking mountains with whoever’s dog needs a buddy that day.

Brian Bitterfeld

If not ripping down a snowy decent on a two planks of wood you can find Brian almost anytime with a camera in his hand. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies, Brian found himself in the rocky mountains of Aspen, Colorado doing what he loves best, making television. While still new to the Aspen area he may be easily mistaken for a long-time local.

David Cook

David Cook is good at launching things, just not rockets. He’s developed newspaper, radio, web and television in the Roaring Fork Valley, and currently is co-owner of Aspen 82. He serves on the board of The Buddy Program and Jazz Aspen Snowmass. He can spin a 540 on a snowboard, paint princesses with his 8-year-old daughter and recently discovered that he hates marathons after running two.

Spencer McKnight

Spencer McKnight has been in the television and video production business in Aspen for over 9 years and is the co-founder and co-owner of Aspen 82 and 82 Productions. He specializes in taking the client’s vision and bringing it to life. His dog Mac is a good dog but offers little to the business.

Joel Lee

Joel Lee has been shooting and editing in the business for over 20 years. Joel’s vision and ability to convey the client’s message provide the groundwork for a successful production. His dog Riley is a great production assistant.

Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks has been creating video and television in Aspen for 6 years. Adam immerses himself into each project and and doesn’t come up for air until it’s perfect. Adam is also very handy and is relied upon to build shelves and stuff.

Danielle Lybrook

This Ohio buckeye is excited to be in a place where there is an abundance of mountain terrain and activity. Danielle has experience mostly in radio working with WNCI Columbus as well as working in sports commentary at OSU. She is amped to be working with such a great company and hopes to learn all she can from this bunch.

Tom Alpern

Tom graduated from Aspen High School, and Rhode Island School of Design. The Arts he makes a living at include animation, videographer, editing, snow sculpting, writing, cartooning, and teaching.

Jon Barstow

Jon has been working in live television for the last 7 years. No matter what is happening, he doesn’t like to start his day off without watching the entire live broadcast of The Lift. When Jon is not directing The Lift he can be found dangling in the sky from his paraglide or making other questionable decisions on any one of Aspen’s 4 wonderful mountains.