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Avalanche Cheese Company | Paonia Colorado

If you live in the Roaring Fork Valley chances are you know and love Avalanche Cheese Company’s goat cheese. You can find their cheese in some stores here in the valley as well as a good amount of restaurants. So when I learned of their new venture in agroturism on their Paonia goat farm, I packed my bags and headed out to see what the farm life was all about.



Involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. Agritourism has different definitions in different parts of the world, and sometimes refers specifically to farm stays, as in Italy.


The cabin sits in the middle of the 130 acre farm in Paonia, Colorado. Distressed barn wood, deep farmhouse sinks, fireplace and a backyard fire pit, makes for a rustic peaceful getaway.


With an abundance of trails and outdoor adventures nearby you can easily enhance your weekend experience by venturing out.


All of the employees on the farm were incredibly welcoming, informative and nice. I would say though that the goats seemed a bit more excited to see us on the farm. They were even more interested in our equipment; needless to say we had some obstacles when filming.


We were able to have free run of the farm moving from fields to the barns, there were no barriers between the animals and us. This part of the experience really gives you the feeling of living on the farm, moving freely across the lay of the land.


When we arrived at the farm for our weekends stay the goats had just finished their kidding season. So not only did we have 600 goats to keep us entertained, we had over 300 rowdy little ones showing us lots of love.


This year the Avalanche Cheese Company is also trying something new; not bottle feeding the kids but instead letting them feed freely from their mothers. This is something that is unusual for a cheese company simply because milk = cheese.



The farm life here is more organized then most office buildings. They keep all activity from births of the babies to daily milk quantity on file to make better decisions to help the future of the farm.



When it comes to milking the goats Cory and Stuwart have it down to a science. Efficiently and quickly they extract about a gallon of milk from each goat daily.




Stay tuned to see a full editorial piece on the Avalanche Cheese Company farm.

A big thank you to Avalanche Cheese Company for having us, it was once in a lifetime experience!




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