Peaks and Valleys: Rolling Out the Carpet

Peak: The parade of lights on local ski hills at night isn’t a SkiCo Christmas touch, but hardy headlamp-wearing souls skinning uphill for a workout in the dark. Often with dogs. Locals… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Stars and Stripes

Peak: The new 4-mile Seven Star mountain bike trail opened last week near Snowmass and it’s a delight. And judging by local Instagram accounts, it’s not really a secret either. Valley: One local… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Lightning and Lasers

Peak: Seth Sachson and the Aspen Animal Shelter have done a stellar job of replacing the labradoodle as the designer dog of Aspen with the New Mexican rez dog. More puppies… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Summertime Gladness

Peak: You guys. We have real Vietnamese food. Bamboo Bear opened in June across from City Market in what was once StonyRidge Fridge which was once Johnny McGuire’s. The pop-up restaurant… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Summer Is Here

Peak: You know those freshwater springs on the Rio Grande Trail between Aspen and Woody Creek? A woman was sitting in one in her swimsuit the other day. That is called… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Offseason Musings

Peak: There’s no one in Aspen and that means parking for everyone! Valley: If you are in search of a mountain town with collaborative workspace, check out Paonia and Telluride. Towns one-third the… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: And it’s April

Peak: Aspen is marching in line with many parts of the country and the Wheeler Opera House now has gender-neutral bathrooms to prove it. Valley: People who complain about projects after they’ve been approved,… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Dabbling DV

Peak: The Grand Avenue Bridge project is an impending shitshow but you don’t need to cross the Colorado to eat at the Pullman or go to the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue, both of… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Thanks for the Ride

Peak: Grace Potter performed a little warm-up for Belly Up’s shows at the KSPN studios and that chick rocks. She’s got pipes, she can jam on the guitar and she likes science (according… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Just Keep Going

Peak: Heading south to ski Silverton and seeing three friends from Aspen first thing in the parking lot. You can’t get away! Oh yeah, skiing Silverton is pretty sweet too. Valley: When you go… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Brrrr, It’s Cold in Here

Peak: Tiehack mid-week with 6 inches of fresh snow and three people in line. (It was a day the chair didn’t break down.) Valley: Apparently grocery stores and gas stations in… Read more »

Peaks and Valleys: Here Come the Holidays

Peak: National news attention and a feel-good story for the local homeless man who won $500,000 in the lottery. Valley: Winning the housing lottery is still better than winning the real lottery,… Read more »