Red Bull Double Pipe | 2015

Date: Mar 11, 2015 - Mar 13, 2015

Last season, Red Bull pushed the limits of halfpipe snowboarding, building the first-ever side-by-side superpipes to challenge the world’s best snowboarders. This March 11-13th, the competition will return to Buttermilk in Aspen with a completely new innovative course designed with input from the riders themselves, making it one of the largest snow features ever built to date.  With a skateboarding mini ramp, afternoon pool parties, BBQ’s, and DJ’s, Red Bull Double Pipe is shaping up to be the perfect ending to the snowboarding competition season with a fun and relaxed vibe in store for competitors and spectators alike.


The Course:

This year, Red Bull Double Pipe includes three distinct zones, incorporating elements of both halfpipe and slopestyle riding. Per the riders’ feedback from last year, the event now includes a jump, rails and other new features with the double pipe still being the primary focus. The upper jump zone consists of a step-up jump so the riders don’t enter the double pipe carrying too much speed. From there, riders can choose to either drop into the right superpipe and air over the center spine, or choose to ride all the way through the channel in the center spine to gain speed for hitting the left superpipe. The channel is punched out of the upper spine section allowing riders to air over the gap with style. Just over halfway down the center spine, it is notched down from 22-foot tall to approximately 18-foot tall allowing riders to more easily transfer between the two superpipes. Along this lower section of the center spine the walls don’t go completely vertical, and have more of a “laid back transition” angle, which is more trickable for the athletes. The final skate park-style fun zone consists of two wall rides, two rails and a volcano shaped feature providingriders with numerous options including big transfers, huge hip hits, and other fun, creative lines. Overall the riding should be more dynamic with the updates made to this year’s course based on all the competitor’s feedback.


Spectators are encouraged to watch from the base of the superpipes.  Bumps Restaurant will offer food and drink specials throughout the week.



Wednesday, March 11:  Semi-Finals, 12pm – 2pm 

Thursday, March 12: Finals, 1pm – 3pm

Friday, March 13: Doubles Jam Session, 12pm – 2pm

For more information please visit the official page HERE


Danny Davis

Stale Sandbech

Ayumu Hirano

Christian Haller

Greg Bretz

Louie Vito

Taylor Gold

Scotty James

Ben Ferguson

Gabe Ferguson

Benji Farrow

Arthur Longo

Jake Pates

David Habuetzel

Brett Esser

Taku Hiraoka

Chase Josey

Matt Ladley

Jan Scherrer

Nate Johnstone