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Peaks and Valleys: Dabbling DV

Peak: The Grand Avenue Bridge project is an impending shitshow but you don’t need to cross the Colorado to eat at the Pullman or go to the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue, both of which have been around for years but I only recently discovered — and won’t be waiting that long again to return.

Valley: Skiers “snaking” down Kleenex Corner and Nell are bordering on dangerous. Instead of “No Straightlining” shouldn’t the sign say “No Turning?”

Peak: Carbondale hosted its Green is the New Black fashion show last weekend, and brave models bared the bodies to more than 1,000 people over two nights. That community rocks. (Aspen can see their own friends in undies at the Aspen Cares Fashion Show at Belly Up this Friday.)

Valley: If you are going to get into a loud conversation/verbal spat on the bus about how epic Vail’s back bowls are, you should probably just be in Vail.

Peak: You know it’s a good day of spring skiing when you come down at 6 p.m. with a lei.

Peaks and Valleys is a random, totally unscientific observation on the goings-on in Aspen. Send yours to christine@cbwords.com.

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