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Peaks and Valleys: Summertime Gladness

Peak: You guys. We have real Vietnamese food. Bamboo Bear opened in June across from City Market in what was once StonyRidge Fridge which was once Johnny McGuire’s. The pop-up restaurant has a short-term lease, so eat up diversity while you can.

Valley: I noticed they laid down asphalt on Conundrum Rd. and isn’t there a song about paving paradise and putting in a parking lot?

Peak: The now-complete and totally new Aspen Music Festival and School campus on Castle Creek is stunning. My personal favorite spot is the soundproof orchestra room that will double as Aspen Country Day’s gym during the school year. Do yourself a favor and go take a peek at the whole thing.

Valley: Now people are complaining about the Gorsuch Haus development and Tuesday Cruiseday. As one SkiCo employee recently told me, “if we gave away ski passes to everyone in town, at least one person would complain about that too.”

Peak: Sitting on the patio at Grey Lady one night yielded the opportunity to see several groups of kids walk into a mailbox while staring at their phones playing Pokemon Go. This is a peak, because evolution.

Peaks and Valleys is a random, totally unscientific observation on the goings-on in Aspen. Send yours to christine@cbwords.com.

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