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Peaks and Valleys: Holidaze

Peak: Long before Isis was a bad word, we had the theater. And if you haven’t been lately, put on your comfy pants and do it. The new reclining seats even make sitting through “Zoolander 2” tolerable.

Valley: The ongoing saga of the local’s burger at Justice Snow’s continues: If you tried to order it over the holidays, you would have been shot down, because it was discreetly removed from the menu until January. (No fine print there.)

Peak: Thanks to selfies and social media, celebrities have put the paparazzi out of business, and the streets of Aspen were delightfully void of roving herds of ravenous photographers over the holidays.

Valley: Can someone just set up a crepe and coffee stand inside the post office already? The lines are long enough to require snack breaks.

Peak: Thanks to whoever hung the “Smile at a Stranger” and “Be Kind” banners on Main Street during the holidays. Sweet reminders show up in unexpected places.

Peaks and Valleys is a random, totally unscientific observation on the goings-on in Aspen. Send yours to christine@cbwords.com.

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