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Peaks and Valleys: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Peak: The newly remodeled Gwyn’s High Alpine on Snowmass provides you with Crocs so you don’t have to eat lunch in those pesky ski boots, making the aesthetically questionable rubber shoes more popular in Colorado than a Portland, Ore., farmers’ market.

Valley: Speaking of the Northwest, I haven’t seen this much rain during the winter since I lived in Seattle.

Peak: The Aspen Historical Society brought five mountaineers — Neal Beidleman, Art Burrows, Chris Davenport, Jordan White and Dick Jackson — to the Highlands Alehouse to talk about the area’s history of backcountry skiing. Takeaway: Humility and experience are necessary if you want to live to tell the story.

Valley: Walking by the Power Plant building every day and seeing all the vitality that’s been brought to that part of town is incredible. Without city council’s foresight, that area might have just become a parking lot.

Peak: We are lucky to have a 1.5-mile luge in town called Smuggler. Sledding is not just for kids.

Peaks and Valleys is a random, totally unscientific observation on the goings-on in Aspen. Send yours to christine@cbwords.com.

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