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Peaks and Valleys: Rolling Out the Carpet

Peak: The parade of lights on local ski hills at night isn’t a SkiCo Christmas touch, but hardy headlamp-wearing souls skinning uphill for a workout in the dark. Often with dogs. Locals should be respectful of the generous policy which is one more reason we’re better than Vail.

Valley: The new (old) news that 80 percent of Pitkin County’s landfill is devoured by construction waste is sad. Time to double-down on cloth grocery bags and reusable coffee cups to make up for it.

Peak: I’m not sure when the carpets were installed at the entrance to City Market, but it seems like just in time for ski-boot season. Given that every other part of the holiday shopping experience there is stressful, it’s nice to know you can walk in the door now without worrying about a wipe-out.

Valley: If the etiquette and anxiety level of people in line on Wednesday night to see the premiere of “La La Land” are any indication of the town’s temperament, officials need to put more than fluoride in the water. You’re going to see a movie about the American dream with Ryan Gosling in it. Chill out.

Peak: Word is that Elton John and Mariah Carey are both in town. Can we get a segment of “Carpool Karaoke” in the Downtowner?

Peaks and Valleys is a random, totally unscientific observation on the goings-on in Aspen. Send yours to christine@cbwords.com.

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